Archived Planning Applications 2018/19

AVA/2018/0331 Hall Farm, Flagshaw Lane, Chevin Homes          PERMITTED

Variation of Condition 2 from AVA/2017/0553 to reflect minor internal alterations and additional windows and doors to rear elevations of conversion plots required to help improve the internal living environment

AVA/2018/0352  Larkshill, Moor Lane  Mr J Marriott                                  PERMITTED

Outline application for one detached dwelling within the front garden area

AVA/2018/0695 New House Farm, Ashbourne Rd Mr R Morley          Application approved

Prior notification of Agricultural Development: Proposed Agricultural lean to building and realignment of access

AVA/2018/0616  Land north of Flagshaw Lane Peveril Homes                                PERMITTED

Final submission of plans for housing

CD6/0518/15 Kirk Langley Primary School  DCC                                                           PERMITTED

Erection of 3 classroom block, with ancillary facilities on field and erection of single lobby extension to main school building

AVA/2018/0709 Hall Farm, Flagshaw Lane Chevin Homes Ltd                               PERMITTED

Variation of Condition 2 from AVA/2018/0553 Barn 2 and associated garage relocation to new position and revision to internal layout and external elevations to barns 2 and 5

AVA/2018/0712 Hall Farm, Flagshaw Lane  Chevin Homes Ltd                              PERMITTED

Variation of Condition 2 from AVA/2018/0551 Barn 2 and associated garage relocation to new position and revision to internal layout and external elevations  to barns 2 and 5

AVA/2018/1060 Blue Bell Inn, Adams Rd Mr H Thacker                                         PERMITTED

Single storey rear kitchen/dining room extensions and associated works to the Blue Bell Inn.

AVA/2018/0570 Brooklands Farm, Ashbourne Rd Mr E Jeremiah                     PERMITTED

Variation to Condition 2 of Planning Consent AVA/2015/0880 to allow use of four stables In Block A for the operation of a small scale business to rehabilitate sick and injured horses

AVA/2018/0888 Nether Burrows, Church Lane Mr A Holt                                  PERMITTED

Change of use from barns to 2 x holiday lets and 1 ancillary accommodation to main house

AVA/2018/0912 Nether Burrows, Church Lane  Mr A Holt                                 PERMITTED

Ground mounted solar PV installation to serve adjacent property

AVA/2018/0950 Field off Flagshaw Lane  Mrs G Burton                                                       PERMITTED

Erection of clear span agricultural building