Archive Planning Applications 2016/2017

AVA / 2016 / 0798  Larkshill, Moor Lane   Mr J Marriott                            PERMITTED

Outline application with All Matters Reserved for proposed Residential Development of up to 2 dwellings with Retention of existing Dwelling. (This is not in accordance with the Provisions of the Amber Valley Borough Local Plan 2006)

AVA / 2016 / 0716  Brun Meadow, Brun Lane   Mr G Orton                    PERMITTED

Extension to rear of property. Biomass store – below ground level and glassroom on top

AVA / 2016 / 0976  Longford House, Church Lane    Mr J Hawkins    PERMITTED

Erection of two storey extension to accommodate lounge and study room on ground floor and dressing room and bathroom on second floor

Two storey extension to back of existing dwelling

AVA / 2016 / 1068 Woodlands, 12 Ashbourne Road Mr P Holmes      PERMITTED

Erection of new building to create 3 Retirement Dwellings (This is contrary to the provisions of the Development Plan)

AVA / 2016 / 1162 6 Poles Road Mr P Ascott           PERMITTED

Non Material Amendment to AVA / 2015 / 1207

AVA/2016/0825  1 Hillside Court, Windy Arbour Mr H Skidmore        PERMITTED

Retrospective application for aluminium bi folding doors to kitchen

AVA/2016/0826   1 Hillside Court, Windy Arbour Mr H Skidmore      PERMITTED

Retrospective listed building consent application for aluminium bi folding doors to kitchen

AVA / 2016 / 1137 Petty Close Farm, Petty Close Lane Mr H Reed      RETURNED

Change of Use from Light Industry/Storage and Distribution (B1/B8) to Mixed Use B1/B2/B8 inclusing General Industry

AVA / 2016 / 1062  Christmas Cottage, Church Lane  Mr & Mrs I Thompson   PERMITTED

TRE/2017/0008 51 Ashbourne Rd  Mrs S Wooddisse                                           PERMITTED

Fell ash and holly trees.  Prune oak and two ash trees to give clearance to buildings

AVA/2017/0024   Town End Farm, Ashbourne Rd   Mr L Naylor                   PERMITTED

Demolition of an existing barn and construction of a new dwelling at Town End Farm

AVA / 2017 / 0123  Stable Cottage, 39 Moor Lane  Mr R Johnson                  PERMITTED

First floor rear extension to provide bedroom and en-suite

AVA / 2017 / 0146 Blue Bell Inn, Adams Road    Berkeley Inns Ltd            PERMITTED

two storey rear extension to Public House and associated works

Meadow View, Church Lane  Mr John Smith                                                     PERMITTED

Replacement garage

AVA / 2016 / 1240 Town End Farm, Ashbourne Road   Mr L Naylor    PERMITTED

Erection of single storey dwelling and widening of existing access

AVA / 2016 / 1250 56 The Cunnery, Kirk Langley    Mr & Mrs Horsfield     PERMITTED

Proposed two storey extension to an existing dwelling

AVA / 2016 / 1336 Petty Close Farm Cottage, Petty Close Lane  Mr J Laing    REFUSED

Private driveway to afford access to existing dwelling

AVA/2016/1303 Meadow View, 5 Flagshaw Lane   Chevin Homes Ltd       WITHDRAWN

Construction of new dwelling (This is contrary to the provisions of the Development Plan)

AVA / 2016 / 1110 Brun Farm View, Brun Lane   Mr & Mrs W J Gibbs    PERMITTED

Incidental storage area to be made into a games/hobby room

AVA / 2017 / 0053 14 Church Lane Mr S Golding                                    PERMITTED

Extensions and alterations

AVA / 2017 / 0238 Tudor Barn, Church Lane, Mr & Mrs P Spencer     PERMITTED

Conversion of remaining part of existing redundant agricultural building to domestic C3 use

AVA / 2017 / 0380  Langley Barton 29 Ashbourne Rd   Mr Ahmed                                             PERMITTED

Construction of Detached Ancillary Living Accommodation (This proposal affects the Setting of a Listed Building)